Solo is an

official Regis bud brand

About Solo

The launch of solo underwear collection, a special collection that incorporate all the fundamental values for the lovers of extreme comfort and total refinement. The cuts are very carefully designed and are those that have made the brand's reputation over the last 3 years. Solo underwear entered the closed circle oh high end men's fashion brands.

Solo is an official Regis bud brand

When it comes to undergarments, the cut is adapted to the required style

It may have a more covering effect on the stomach and legs for a much sought- after neo classical look for daytime , or maybe low waisted and short for a more glamorous look

Our pattern makers have developed a special cut for the crotch area to avoid rubbing and the rucking up of material which can be uncomfortable and unsightly under trousers

Concerning the backs of products, some have been without "mid backs" seams to provide a greater comfort but also to make the product more attractive if the material is printed

Concerning the sides of the under garments t-shirt and a-shirts , all our undergarments have been made on a "seamless " basis , without side seams , which make it very comfortable , and fits exactly to the body

Waist bands are either "inserted" for an elegant and understated look or fresh micro fiber logo typed "covered" for a greater look
Most of our materials are either of: Egyptian and European origin,all materials are certified as a highest quality. They have been chosen for their technical sophistication, comfort and feel: cotton, spandex and combed / mercerized Egyptian Cotton

Premium: 40/1 Combed Egyptian Cotton (light weight fabric)
Classic: 30/1 Combed Egyptian Cotton (heavy weight fabric